The Day


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United States

The Day that never came

But whose to blame

The Day you walked away

Was the Day I pleaded with you to stay 

The Day I fell inlove

Was the Day that we rose above

The Day I got heart broken 

Was the Day I realized that you wasn't joken

The Day I ran

Is the day my life Began

The Day I gave myself to you

Is when I saw the True you

The Day I got beat

Was the Day when I realized I couldn't take this heat

It was also the Day I realized the we weren't meant to be.


Mailayasia Cheyenne Tyler

The weight of the World is crashing down

And it seems like there no one but me aroun'

The  weight of the World hurts

Causing us to kick up dirt

The weight of the World is heavy

One that can't stay steady

The wieght of the World wonders

So why don't we plunder

The weight of the World won't change

Its something that's strange

The weight of the World is self owned

Something that causes our minds to be blowned

Mailayasia Cheyenne Tyler

You're suppose to be here

But instead you chose beer

A Father is suppose to care

not you, you like playing with your life as if it's a Truth or Dare

Youre suppose to be there when I cry

As it stands now your presence it very dry

A Father is suppose to have love

If nothing put his kids above

Youre suppose to be my rock

But my last memory of you is a sock

A Father is suppose to be strong 

And with his kids he belong

Youre the one who provides the advice

My love for you has no price

A Father is suppose to encourage us

Not when things get tough you hop on a bus

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