One day
I wont be able to reach you
So while you sleep
I’ll outline your body with chalk
Sit in the dusty pieces,
Erasing your past.
Digest In the belly of a system designed to
Make amends, I re-member
Your face
Like an old lovers
Tracing your words like
A child’s homework
We were raised in the two blocks a part
Down the middle like the sea
Open windows let you slip into a mumbling slumber
Forget this intrusion
I’ll deliberate your fate
Make you run races
For traces
Of your manhood
found “luck”
Locked in between Insecurities thighs
You’ll plant seeds in juvenile ideas
Raise forget- me- nots
to water them
You are merely I man without a plan
A boy playing in the sand
Hoping someone will show you… your purpose
Is it appropriate to mourn the living?
Purposely forgotten
Raised a toast to your failures
Drank your insecurities like chasers
Never mentioned success
For Fear failure might hear
I watch a man
Never supporting a foundation
Watery dreams wipe away unstable pavements
Ghetto sidewalks
Cripple steady straight passages to safety
Safely landing him in harms way
He didn’t want a life when grown men told him secrets behind closed doors,
Forced him to swallow their nightmares and regurgitate behavior in the pit of a woman’s stomach.
Speech lost in alphabets
Bet he could rise above the jokes of a fuck-ups lullaby
Believes his ending lies in the ends he can never make meet
Doesn’t place bets monogamy
Only losers have faith
Faithfully he will do what comes naturally
Nurtured only in the rules of a clean house
So his home is built without walls
Without floors
So his security is faulty
Flawless in his unforgettable moments
Of motionless
Shoes too big
Responsibilities to wide
Opportunities to narrow
So now
He waits
Stumbling toward option behind door number
What kind of man am I?
Where am I headed?
When does it all end?
I’m not sure
I’m only the friend
Wiping sweat off your brow, giving you a sip of water, spreading grease on your face and telling you “Keep low, keeping moving, keep low, keep moving, keep low, keep moving….


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