The Dawning Box

It cries to the dawning,

To the light of the storm.

It cries out to the flesh,

Of which was once mourned.


The cries, oh the cries,

How feebly they squall.

Encased in a box,

A wall ever so small.


The light knows not 

Of what is to be seen,

In the box of the sorrows, 

In the box of the screams.


Of boundless measures, 

But of limited thought.

A space so small,

Yet a span so broad.


Physical is not,

of what limits behold.

Conceptual, it is, 

of which man cannot thole.


This poem is about: 
Our world
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This poem is about how many people in this world feel trapped by their thoughts, and "it" referres to those said people. I used the term "box" to represent the human mind, and how vast yet closed it may seem. I enjoy writing poems like this for fun, so please let me know if any of you would like to hear more.

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