Fading… like the dawn, reaching out for chivalry

Shivering, they lacking passionate heat, I’m billowing

A bitter sweet, bit of a black sheep, while I stack these...

Bars won’t hold me back from laughing, outlasting’

An eye to notice am I the one to hold it, a loaded round?

And I’d have noticed if reminisce wasn’t slow-down

I need more sounds to write to, most of the time it’s vital

I can’t imagine, gnashing my teeth, I want revival!

Money won’t hold me down, crease off of my brow

Please I’ve seen sin, won’t make it my lifestyle

Wild, sleepless nights, I’ll swap it with peace of mind

I’m chill… relaxed, my will… to last…

I want to be someone who attracts, and’ gives back

The heart in it, I’m generous, living, I’ll give a tenth of it

And like the dawn, I rise alike a vapor

I find that my life is only what He had paid for…

I took a trip to Canada, ay, I had to saddle up

Up river, without a paddle, immaculate

And’ I was given whatever that I would need

Honored to be, one of the eight men in the wedding party…

Quite a trip, foreshadow what I would get

I know that I’m only twenty, but plenty of people get hitched

I think I’m ready, the more that I vent lamenting

Instead of my single status, I’ll switch it to in a relationship...


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