They say it's always darkest before dawn

When the night is approaching

And you know that once it is dark you can't be rid of the darkness

I was approaching the darkness

I didn't care about college

I wanted life to be easy so I did not care for college

But when I witnessed my sister be accepted into college

And when I witnessed how proud my parents were of her

I knew that I had to change

I knew that I had to alter my priorities

So that the people who have given me the most

Who have sacrificed it all for me

Would be proud of me

I had a turbulent path ahead of me

But the power of will and determination is a driving force that can not be stopped

They say that it is always darkest before dawn


So I got a lamp



After I saw how proud my family was of my sister I wanted to achieve a high academic grade point average so I could have a better cumulative GPA and be competitive for colleges. I really want to make my parents proud, and that has been my driving force for my college hunt and that is why I am applying to scholarships and college programs.-

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