I walk out into the quiet late dawn, Basking in the solace I take in as much of the clean air I can bear. The earth shakes beneath my bare feet as my cry echoes out enveloping the world.

The people wake to the wailing screams. A cry of emptiness; of what is missing inside of me. Vast and empty caves of the untouched and of the unknown. Fierce winds rip and claw within seeking what it doesn't know. The people tremble as they block their ears. Unending shrieks still slip through, burrowing farther.

My parents' parents erased and written out of my history, hold me. Piece together these parts. Speak to me the sweet lullabies free of the plague of harsh life. Wipe away old pains and ones soon to come. Hold out in your hands the tales of our success. Take with you a child's love, unconditional, as I make you proud with how I've grown.

Now it has begun. The day now starts. A new sun rises. Light touches, warms my skin until it shines as golden as its core. The tale reads "For the Child"- to know of all life will give. A special daughter was born at this late dawn. Life will name her as she walks among the stars and dreams.

The people. Asleep to what has transpired. They rise to a new day at the ringing of bells. Her cries forgotten. Cries that stopped long before they noticed them. Her parents watch as to what she will create, this girl that Life will name.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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