A memory was triggered today.

Being a child was hard stuff man.

And still is.


Daughter of an immigrant field worker and an adulterer/liar.

Who would've thought?

No one.

Daughter of a single mother and an absent father.

Perhaps he's dead?


Am I even heard?

Am I even lovely to you?


Daughter of a battered woman and an alcoholic.


Can this all stop?!


Ugh...I hate this.


Daughter of a silent woman..misplaced heart, emotionally unstable..unavailable.

No hugs, no touch, no smiles.

Not even a,

"¡Qué gusto me da hija! ¡Estoy feliz de tus estudios! ¡Hiciste un buen trabajo! Wow, agaraste un 10..feliz por ti hija."

Did you notice my 100% on that Spelling Test mom?

I guess not.


Daughter of a Perfect Father.

That's what I needed.

Laid down my cries...and You heard me.


Daughter of a perplexed woman and a confused man.

You're not even my father anymore..

go away!


Daughter of a sad woman...

forgive me mother, for being this way.


Daughter of a nagging mother and a convict.

How could you!?

I hate you now...I hate you!


Daughter of a religious woman and a once again absent father.

You serve me no benefit!


A misplaced daughter..in a miserable world.

Looking for a place to be.

No acceptance...well she'll only see.


Daughter of a worried mother.

Don't worry mom, Criminal Justice won't be too bad.


Daughter of a sad father.

I forgive you..

for you were the only man who took a role in my life.

Thank you.


Daughter of a Perfect Father...

I'm back and there is no going reverse now.



This poem is also available on Tumblr (under the username of bluepita) and Facebook (under the name of Lupe M.) Thank you! 

- Lupe M.

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