To Date

It's amazing, I've waited
For a moment like this
To find another
To love me
The way you do
But before I answer your question
Answer one for me
Why do we date?
For the pure reason to get 
That's what it is more or less for
I think about that all the time
And to be quite honest
I don't think you're ready for that
Because you don't know
What you're getting yourself into.


There's no way around it
I'm a nut job
I'm completely and totally
If you don't believe me
Than this relationship will never last

I'm never going to trust you
Odds are I may love you, 
But I'll never love you truly
There'll always be one foot on the
I'm not going to want to hold hands
Because I'm to afraid to let go
I'm not gonna kiss you,
On the lips that is
Because that is my version of
"I Do"
I'm emotionally unstable
True story
And odds are I'll never tell you that
I don't love you anymore.
Even if I want to,
I probably won't hug you
Because I'll miss the hugs of her.
I probably won't put my arm
Around your large shoulder
Because if you fall asleep
I'll silently open flood gates
From my soul.
You'll never truly know me
I won't allow you to
I'll try
And you'll come close
But the moment you screw up.
My secrets will be locked away 
five ever

Did I mention I'm insane
That's something that for sure is true
Don't you get it?
We are inevitably going to fail
Unless you will be my Tiffany
And I your Pat.
Unless you are as crazy as I am
I cannot accept your request
So thank you sincerely
For making my wish come true
But unless you're truly insane
I must tell you

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