Darkness (Sestina)

A few years ago, I gave my heart to the darkness

Now I am forever floating in a dark abyss

I know that wasn’t courage

I realized that I lived a life with lies

But what’s the truth?

My power?


It’s now draining slowly. Soon I will be a ragged doll without power.

Did power set me in this condition of darkness?

It’s just so hard to find the truth

That thought is in my head as if it were to enter into an endless abyss

That thought lies

Into the idea of if what I did was an act of courage


Wait, no it wasn’t courage

It was my power

A voice speaks and says that reality is full of lies

I knew it was a voice of darkness

But why in this abyss?

I asked the voice, “What is the truth?!”


The voice refused to tell the truth

All he said is that I had a lot of courage

But that so called courage led me here… in this abyss

Does this voice want my power?

No… that is a risk that will keep me forever in the darkness

I know it’s all lies!


The answer I need lies

In this abyss which is to be known as the truth

I want to know who I really am. Am I just a puppet of darkness?

Or a regular human being like everyone else? Forget courage

Forget power

But who am I kidding? I can’t get out of this abyss.


But I wonder when I am getting out of this abyss

Pfft! Stupid lies!

I think all that the voice wants is to drain my power

From realizing that, now I know the truth

For sure it wasn’t courage

That led me here, but it was that voice of darkness.


I realized that i’m just a puppet in the darkness, that’s the reason why I am in this abyss

I didn’t need courage, I just lie

To myself so I won’t realize the truth, but it’s already too late… the voice drained and         awakened my true power.




Sorry if it's confusing my fellow readers.

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