Darkness Meets Light

Sat, 06/04/2016 - 12:29 -- sherrxo

She walked in the room quite unsure of herself,

Everyone peered up towards her self conscious frame,

She felt like the last book picked on the shelf,

The girl sat alone in the corner knowing she'd never feel the same.


Her eyes fluttered in each direction in worry,

Uneasy with the whispers that floated through the heavy air,

The boy at the front turned around laughing causing her cheeks to heat with agony and fury,

All because she wore plaid knee high socks, the deepest shade of black, and bright pink hair.


She couldn't help how she looked, for this is what she was most comfortable in,

But everyone gossiped and taunted for who she wanted to be,

Their words sharp, and strike against her chest like knives and pins,

Little did they know her intentions were harmless, why couldn't they see?


Later that day when the sun was soon to set, she walked home all alone,

She heard footsteps emerging behind her mentally preparing herself for what was coming next,

A young boy with chestnut brown hair and evanescent green eyes became fully shown,

He stood there for a moment, staring blankly which caused her nerves to vex.


He fiddled with his hands briefly and looked up at the girl with the neon pink do,

Her eyes gazed among his features in complete awe,

When he finally spoke, she had a hard time believing what he said to be true,

Each and every sound, and syllable that he announced made her heart no longer feel raw.


"People are cruel, we live in a world where feelings are simply disregarded,

People keep going until the one being hurt can no longer take the pain anymore,

I'm not sure how such vicious personalities even started,

Then it's only when they need you for something they'll come knocking at your door,


Regardless of what the say and how the treat you,

You are beyond worthy, beyond important and greatly loved,

Your golden heart is something that they could never even compare to,

Even when you're feel like dirt, there are angels watching over you from above."


It seemed as though a light visible behind the clouds slowly glistened,

The boy then turned on his heels walking away and the girl couldn't resist,

Every word he said she surely listened,

It is true, light and dark are true enemies yet are essential for each other to exist.


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Our world


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