Darkness & Light

            The sunshine,
            It repels the darkness.
           Isn't that what should happen with us?
         Does the moon feel it when the sun repels her?
       Because I surly feel this,
          our fight,
        the problem that has been unyielding.
        Fore you,
           My friend,
         are as bright,
          and as brilliant,
           as the sun.
        And I,
          My Dear,
         Am as Dark,
            and merciless,
          as the moon.
           Yet I'm afraid,
        I love you as if you were not the sun,
          And as if I were not the moon.
        You are apart of my puzzle,
            Yet not half.
         But what matters is that you are there,
            even if we are not speaking,
          at least your light is there for others.
        That is,
          My Dear,
             the only thing that makes this,
           somewhat bearable.


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