Before the Darkness Grabs Me


                I sit in a hole, alone. Staring around me into nothing. Staring around me into darkness. I sit, complaining that I'm here alone. The more I think the deeper the hole goes. "I suck at this" deeper, darker. "I messed up on that" deeper, darker. "I will never succeed" deeper, darker. I feel the darkness around me, its feeding off of me. It wants me, and the more it feeds off me the deeper and darker it gets. I sit in a hole alone. I look up and see my friends, I'm not alone. They have a rope. I reach out but something stops me. Its the darkness. It wants me to stay, it needs me to stay. I grab the rope and start to climb. The more i climb the harder it becomes. Shadowy hands grab for me. It longs for me. I realize i was never alone, I had the darkness. I used it, almost became apart of it. But a bad part, a nasty part. I had become something I didn't like. I continued to climb. More hands grab at me, i have to push on. I'm half way up this hole. Its a little lighter now. The dark seems scared. I realize I choose to be down there, and its my choice if i want to leave. It becomes lighter still and easier to climb. I can almost reach out to my friends, the ones who never left, the ones who believed that the darkness would never have me. The rope breaks, a hand reaches out. "this is it, I failed" I'm not falling. The hand was my friends, They had me. and wouldn't let me fall. They saved me before the darkness grabbed me.                 


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