Darkness is a color

My dear, do not tell me I deserve better than your love. That your heart does not shine bright enough to reflect mine. For my heart only shines this brightly because it had to been burned. 


You are teaching me to heal. You are allowing me to feel ok again, to breathe deeply again. To hold your hand without being afraid of letting go because you stay.


I know your mind is not sunny, that your brain is not painted in rainbows, but my dear, darkness is a color. It is our color. To paint the tale of our love within this prison we lock ourselves in.


Though any prison is better than loneliness. We did our time in solitary, scratched the days on the walls like shopping lists. If only we had that many reasons to survive.


Everyday bleeds into night that seems to last for a lifetime. Still the moon sends light through our windows to illuminate our chains. Casting shadows on walls. To remind us that some things never change.


You hold my hand as darkness engulfs the room like a boat filling with water. Capsized with no hope of saving, but at least darkness is a color. At least we aren’t sinking anymore.


I promise the sun will return someday soon. Just keep painting your dreams while they sleep. Please keep painting the sky that we see. It may be dark as the days when the pain just won’t go away but still, darkness is a color. Our color

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