The Darkness Around Me


They rip off my wings,

my dear brothers.  Once kin, now foe.

I watch in despair as my delicate white feathers are wrenched from my back,

I watch as they float gently to the waves below.

At that moment, I realize I shall never fly again.

One last feather, and they look me in the eyes.

"You, Raven, have been accused of speaking to the Unwinged.  You shall now become one of them."

I nod slightly, keeping my head held high.  I will not succumb to their intimidation.

And then they fling me over the edge of the precipice like I am a piece of garbage.

I close my eyes, cross my arms over my chest, and fall,

like a reddened leaf in the autumn wind.

After what seems like hours, the swells caress me in their icy arms.

I allow them to hold me and comfort me as the tears finally come.

I am sinking.




A prickling beneath my shoulder blades.

I instictivly scratch, and my hands find not skin, but silken feathers.

I twist my head, and stretch my newly grown, raven black wings.

Raven, like my name.  I have become something that the others will not be able to intimidate.

Something that only the strongest dare tangle with.

I am a dark Protector.

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