The Darkness Around and Within

It was night when they came rushing inIt was night when I heard the soldiers shoutNight when I was dragged from my bedNight when I was stolen from my own house It was night when I had a gun to my backIt was night when they marched us to the trainsNight when I was thrown into a train carNight when I couldn’t wait for day It was night when we arrivedIt was night when the soldiers ripped us out the doorsNight when we were dragged into a roomNight when we were stripped and our heads shaved And the when the next day arrived the hope was goneThe fear and dread and despair my only companionsThe safety of the day, the sun wasn’t thereAnd this made it feel as though it was still night So it was night when we worked And night when we were cramped into barnsAnd night when they gave us our little rations of slopAnd night when they took the weakest to the showers  It was night when the women and men didn’t returnIt was night when the soldiers took moreAnd It was night when I heard the helicoptersAnd it was night when we were dragged away again It was night as we marched at the soldiers commandIt was night as we left those dreaded barnsAnd still it remained night until we’d been marching for several nights and daysThen as the good guys surrounded us the night became dawn As the good men fought for our lives and theirs’The dawn became brighter as night faded to dayIt became day as the Nazis were defeatedIt became day as the good men took us away from the night 

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