Darkness has come the sun has been devoured  by the notorious  beast  with white  fangs, it eats its prey with one gulp, turns the skyinto a xanadu coloor  with hues  of tainted royal then completes its task to paint it lcorice. Darkness  is my old  faithful comrade  it wraps me up like a quiled blanket , I am not afraid , I am whole , I am at peace. I am ok  with  hiding  among   the shadows  they know me well  at the darkness bar, where the wood is ebony, the walls  cracked with age  and regret and smell of rot and wine. The  bartender is an old friend he knows me well.His face  worn like leather , his eyes  sullken  with a  story to tell and secrets kept. His rough hands  show age and skill , he pours  the liquid  courage of the night, slides it down. I sip its beautiful grape twined juice , savor  the wood burned hunes , it  warms my belly for the night. and the locals play poker and  talk smack and legends till closing time last call where darkness is king.


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