The darkness

The part of who I am that stays in the shadows

Like a menacing creature

It lingers


That controls my emotions

The part of my soul

Indistinguishable from obsidian


The pessimistic outlook that influences my decisions

The emotions that show me

Where I should stand


The impossible nature of my life

That makes happiness taste sweeter

And laughter bubble louder


 The parts of the bad days

That make the good ones seem longer

The emotional low that launch into all-time highs


Like the yin and yang

Where darkness arises light will follow

But how much brighter is the light at the end of the tunnel

Then at the beginning


The darkness that engulfs

Brings light that frees


That makes love

Seem richer

Where loss becomes bleak


Without the darkness,

The pessimism

And anxiety

Life would be incredibly dull

               -Keily Lopez

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