Darkest Before the Dawn

It all starts with the downfall.

The shock, the pain, the confusion.

You become embarrassed.

You begin hiding, secluded, alone.


You get bad,

Worse than you could ever imagine.

You want to fall asleep and never awaken again,

Get rid of the pain.


So you take the blade,

Touch it to your wrist,

You make the first cut.

It releases that pain you had.

You get away with it for a while,

Then one person notices,

You start talking to them about what has happened.

They try to help,

You start letting people notice.

You start telling people.


You start wanting help,

You communicate what has been happening.

You begin feeling wanted,


A feeling you have not felt in a while.


You start getting better,

Getting hope,

After some time you are better,

You're back to how you started before it all began,

You're determined not to go back to how you were.


Your life means something,

Everyones life is important.

You look back at the past few years,

You realize how strong it made you,

You know you can get through anything.


Need to talk?

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