Just because I am a darker skin color

I am not ghetto

I am not out of what's "acceptable"

I am not white washed

I am more intelligent than you think

Just because I am nonexistent in your household

I am not messy 

I am not loud

I do not want fried chicken...maybe

I am not impolite or rude

I am out of the ordinary

But just because I am out of the ordinary

No, I am not related to the other thick, curly haired, dark skinned person across the way

I do not only listen to hip hop

And oh my gosh NO!

I am not a baby mama, nor do I have short hair under my braids

I am an intellectual

I am a human being

Just because I am a darker skin color

I am not just another angry black person

I am not stereotyping you, no honey it's usually the other way around

I am not who you think I am classufied to be

I am someone looking for respect

And I am proud to be brown and out of the ordinary

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My community
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The fried chicken part got me laughing! Great poem, I felt like I heard the tone of your voice through reading your words.


Wow, this is the first resposne I 've ever really gotten on this poem. Thank you so much!!!

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