walk along a darkened path with many stops along the way to my destiny.it looks like something out of a horror movie….as i walk along i hear the screaming voices that are deep inside my head,i see flashes of light something like electricity..I see pictures of my entire life along this path ,everything that has broken me...I stop for a minute to look around and a screaming voice says”you must keep going!!” ...I start the path again to meet a girl who looks a bit lost staring me down,I ask who she is and she easily replies,”i’m the one who will escort you to destiny”,”now lets go”she says as she shoves me down the path.she screams “stop!!” “Look ,you see that picture there??” Referring to an image much like a self portrait but darker.”yes ,what about it??” she replies” You did that,I helped though”.  We start to walk again and the path has gotten darker like midnight dark..She stops suddenly smiles and says” I must go now!!”&  she runs away….      I walk the path once again and soon i’m lost in a place of all my darkness.



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