A Dark Skin Girl's Rant


I once used to wake up and pray

that my hair would grow a tad bit longer and 

my skin would be three shades lighter 

but no. I stayed the same

And I would curse the wind asking "Why am I this way?

For I was Scar to some.

And I was compared to the night.

"You can never be Simba, you're way too black."


Black is the absence of color. And the last time I checked, there was nothing absent about me.

So why am I being FORCED to fight a war between me and my skin color? 

 I am not a dark soul because your idea of color seems to cloud up your mind. 

And you won't go out with girls darker than you? 

Well it's your loss. For I am the Nubian Queen that makes you fall to your knees. 

I will be better than your barbie doll girl friend or your crush you wished looked like Jennifer Lopez.

I am not the dirt in the ground you think I am 

I am the chocolate in your milk. 

I am the Oreo that keeps your creme together. 

So I am so "sorry" that I messed your definition of beauty.

And I am extremely "sorry" that  you can no longer pick and tear me apart. 

For my "kind of black"is actually gold.





Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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