Dark Side of the Sun

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 20:28 -- grable

In life we have our challenges, every single day

But how we act in spite of them, what we do and say,

That will be our legacy that lives on past this life.

How will others see our deeds in face of petty strife?

Do we run and cower from each tiny opposition,

All afraid when someone else questions our position?

Or do we show a side of anger and of  vicious hate

When there comes up that other chance of running slightly late?

Will it be said of our whole acts, when all is said and done,

That our life's work to do was see the dark side of the sun?



I hope to this we can all say that none of the above

Applies to our reaction: to be hurt instead of love.

If there is one thing on this Earth without – I could not live,

That would be the power in us to be patient and forgive.

Though sore trials be upon us, hold off on that inkling doubt;

Remember what I have just said I could not do without.

Be patient and forgiving, all times, with everyone:

For never has there been a place: “the dark side of the sun.”

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