The Dark Side of the Poem

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 17:04 -- Mnallen

the dark side

it sounds scandalous 

it sounds forbidden

but for the young teenager

it is exciting

it is scary 

but it may resemble 

some teen rebellion

but the dark side of poetry?

nobody talks about


because it's poetry

so now all the teeenagers rest because they're bored with this "poem"

the dark side of poetry

the raw

cold hearted

truth of 

what this 

life prevails

for us

and how 

to handle

these situations

that are

presented in 

such a manner

that we cannot handle

the dark side of poetry 

holds the deeper meanings

of feelings and such

defines a moment

defines a trust

with poet and reader 

the scandal

the rebel

it all exists

in the dark side of 


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