the dark side

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 15:13 -- Dria

Slam! whats that?

Out there in the dark

The truth has escaped,

The bleeding of my heart

I've held in this pain

But now its run free

I've gone go the dark side

Everyone knows of me

You thought I was happy

Now you see the truth

Despite all the laughing and smiles shown to you

I smile on the outside

Though I bleed inside

So long I have hurted

Those long nights I cried

I kept it all hidden

Didn't want you to know

I just played the game

And went with the flow

But all of a sudden

A #slam behind the curtain

All know of my pain

All know of my hurting

I tried hard to keep it

But it seems I've failed

So now is a good time

On this life to bail

I've lost all hope

I care no more

I'm much better off

Crying on the floor

Please don't comfort me

I've got my pride

You ask why this happened ?

Because happiness died

At least for me,

On the inside


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