Dark Road Bright Lights

Wed, 09/24/2014 - 12:53 -- NashanC

Dark road bright lights
Hungry mornings and cold nights
Five people with two beds
So I hit the couch and slept instead

Own home, foster home, to others homes
Living in a house where I don't belong
Until they say leave and find another home

Got up and knocked on Grandma door
Till I realized she left and knocked on Heavens door
Called my sister to ask for a favor
Until I realized the only way I can ask is through a prayer

Apart of a family where they dropout,gangbang, and have no hope
To a young girl who knows where she wants to go

Say I can't come back cause I changed
Say I don't fit in
Cause succeeding is something I believe in

Woke up and said its time for a change
To sponsoring a child from Africa to give him a positive lane

Going to school succeeding
While my old friends dying from bleeding

Now this dark road isn't so dark no more
Cause I raised my head high and said I can't take no more

Something I have to tell you
I grew up poor living around negative
To growing up being positive

To succeeding in school and now applying for college

Don't say nothing for me
It's time to write my own story

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