Dark Reflections

Wed, 01/27/2016 - 20:51 -- murdoc

The nights laden with fruitful action so warm and intense, entertained! Yet cold and loneliness I see in the screens black reflections. Reminded of the company I once had when loneliness was inconceivable, impossible. But what are thoughts of these to me? I am strong in body as well as the mind I need no other to tell me as I am, but this is not true for deep within I desire compassion I need its warm silken contact amongst my skin its sweet savory taste upon my lips and it’s comforting company within my arms. Love from a lover is the need without it I am but a husk of sorrows for a sadden soul to wallow. Without it is to be burdened as much as to be shackled in a temple of iron bars. Without it is to be broken, without her, is to live not.


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