Dark Ocean

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 01:55 -- mayal96


I seem to be weak.

I wish to be strong.

I hate who I am.

I detest life and every aspect of it.

Sometimes I have dark thoughts.

Sometimes they seem to comfort me.

How  easy it would be if I just quit.

How fast I can make your life as dark as mine.

If you saw me lying in a pool of blood that's mine.

No one pushed me to this, no not a single soul.

Rather the whole atmosphere, an untouchable soul.

That is what brought me here.

Maybe my darkness derives from the blackest oceans where creatures swim like lost souls.

I wear no makeup but these tears feel like poisonous, black tar coming from the darkest, saddest, lonliest heart.

Trying to please society but inside I rot more.

Scared of how this society influences me.

Scared of being taken advantage of.

So I'd rather just die.

Release me from captivity.

Show me light in this dark ocean.


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