Dark Love... A Tribute to Alexander Poe


United States
37° 35' 0.3948" N, 77° 25' 6.8088" W

i watch the raven as it slays
the killer of my rose
i notice that his stranger ways
are nothing like the crows

he flies away in dawn of light
a shadow in the dark
look in his eyes and see his might
and judge him by his heart

he is the only teacher wise
enough to embrace death
when i hear the people's cries
i think of their last breath

how many times i do wish
that i could take their place
i'll endure the raven's kiss
and fly without my face

to ride the winds at his side
a creature of the night
when time comes to choose my bride
i'll wed she that can fight

i'n the night she'll help me choose
the souls that have the mark
and leave behind death's great news
a raven's feather dark


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