The Dark Light

Had so many dreams, dreams turn to nightmares talking with her in her mind it’s like “who cares”

Yea, but this the first time that she’s been their

She a good girl but bad attitude, that’d let you know life is never fair

i ballout for my whole fam gotta twin brother so give me two pairs

it ain’t nothin to it you know how i do it

TGM be the new influence.

Mama Nate going through some things so im asking god  “Can you please help”?

Dominique she stay crying but she holding tight like seat belt.

RIP to my brother Nate, Brother Nate was my right hand

used to go crazy like hype mans

stayed in my house he was like fam

stuck together like sticky jam

in the house with the music loud playing 2k we was goin ham

you forever my bestfriend.

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