A dark illumination

At a frosty road I stand
Which way to go I can’t decide
And so I drift into the darkness
To subtly, my emotions, hide.

Pulsing through the dark, my mind
So eagerly sets out.
For what it can’t be certain
For my mind knows not about

This place it’s come to enter,
Bar the painful feel of doubt.
So ever darker it becomes,
This never ending drought.

Sinking into darkness,
A hint of light shines through,
A whisper of a promise
And so I grab on to

This illumination
I so earnestly beseech.
So firmly in my grasp
And yet so very out of reach

For one wrong move may be my last
Again I’ll start to fall
Into the hopeless pit of blackness
Loosing sight of all.

So tighter ever I take hold
And darkness then subsides
Thinking only of the whisper
By which I will abide

I’ve grown enlightened by the darkness
And found with darkness comes no light.
Nay before a realization
Come across so bright,

That into darkness if you fall
And so start your descent,
Ascend the darkness will;
Upon full darkness you’ll be bent.
So anytime a trace of
Darkness you begin to see,
Confide in light, avoid the
Darkness you’ll begin to be


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