to: the dark cloud over my head that no one notices anymore.

I was never good at hide-n-seek.

My hiding spots were always lame. People would always find me, and I'd be it. 

So when I searched for people, I found myself looking where no one else did. And I began to understand where people hid.

I realized that the best hiding places were in plain sight. No one sees subtle changes. No one sees you in obvious places. No one sees how badly you suffer when you suffer out in the open. 

I was never good at hide-n-seek until I hid my feelings from the people I mostly cared about. I was never good at hide-n-seek until I fabricated so much happiness that everyone believed me. 

I only became good at hide-n-seek when I didn't try. When hiding myself became second nature. 

I've honestly become so good at hide-n-seek that no one knows I'm playing.


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