Dark Canvas

You were perfect...too perfect,

Your warm smile sheltered your bitter words

Those deep blue eyes focused far beyond me

You only confirmed my greatest fear:

I was not enough


With skin as dark as mine how could I be seen as “beautiful”

With eyes as muddy as mine how could anyone see clearly into my soul

My insecurities build walls to keep me in and everyone else away

But you stay only to break me for the fragile piece of china I am


I spend my solitude along in a dark room

Anyone who knows me knows I hate being alone… and the dark.

My mind races with flashbacks like film

It reminds me of who you wanted me to be and who I couldn’t be

I was not enough


But as my skin tensed with chills

As my body began to shake with the fear of what was to come next

As my eyes wept bitterly with the salt that you gave me

I had to stop. And think of the portrait in the making


You left me a thin strip of paint

How naive I was to think it was the entire painting

The paint was only a dot compared to the entire canvas that patiently waited to be painted


Do I fill the canvas with deep blues

Shall I let the darkness be my main forte?

Darkness does not choke out all that exists

It simply enhances what is already there

Soft yellows and vibrant reds with sensational purples

I’ll fill my canvas until there is beauty from the darkness


Pictures tell a thousand words

Mine only says three:

You are enough.


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