making a differance 

no differant

see a dark image


jumping from pond to pond


small influence, jiminy cricket

hop on the polar express, wheres your ticket?

broken mind

tryna fix it

imperfect person hiding behind a curtain,

moving straight,

crooked knowledge of the carnage,

sick race,

perscription is not valid at any pharmacist,

park it

drop the gold,bending of the young to corrupt the old,

leasing the bodies until the system has them sold,

crease in heart beat where the line folds,

behold genuis,

speaking dead life,

leafs from the last season, 

hollow lead in the heads of the ones speakin,

deadly shine creepin,

line after line,

soldier after soldier,

a perfect reoccurance for hells army,

die by the gun and live for the after burn, 

getting to the money is greedy,

fetting to fail is all knowing,


eyes exploding,

your true self is showing

ambition growing,

mission time showing,

brain matter get sto throwing,

tainted bloon in the dna of the ones who play the game,

one eye,

forever knowing,

tip toeing,

slow it.


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