Dare we look upon ....the twelve Olympians?


Legend or not?, 

Kings and Queens forgotten?,

Seek thy legends and stories of realism, 

Dare we look upon ....the twelve Olympians? 



Hence the age of 2019, 

The age of humans and Greek mythos,

Where no lightning thief  to be found, 

However, Zeus, god of thunder,

Is found to be a hokey geek?,

And a specific fan of a team called “lightning”,




God of marriage,

Who has the worst marriage in Olympia?,

Her constant bickering with Zeus’s obsession with hokey, 

Births the answer ,

to why she’s the worst divorce lawyer in Greek history, 


With the bickering battle ground ,

Apollo struggles, 

A Soundcloud rapper can’t make no music , 

With so much noise around, 

He manages to pull a couple of notes out,

And acknowledges his parents were right,

Becoming a doctor could have been alright, 


Unlike Apollo, 

Dionysus dances to the sound of noise,

Drunk on wine with his favorite frat boys, 

He is a party animal that has gone wild, 


And dramatic, 

And this god of wine shall soon be exiled and departed, 


With the news about exile travels fast to Hermes, 

A hyper coffee drinker,

And a FedEx employee,

Is excited to boast and blabber, 

Spreads rumors faster by tongue, 

Instead of his fast legs sprung,


Gossip travels fast,

But through Aphrodite’s hands it does not go past, 

The god of love,  

LOVES to gossip, 

The YouTube star always puts on makeup,

Talking about her latest break up,


The ex of the goddess of love, 

Can be only filled with rage, 

Ares the god of violence and war,

Drills his soldiers, 

While only living off of minimum wage,

Finding a job is indeed,

hard at his age, 


Heartbroken and victim as one of Aphrodite’s ex’s,

Hephaestus works on a welding project,

The blacksmith quit smithing due to low pay,

And is found to be welding to this day,


Athena the goddess of wisdom, 

And the ruler of her library, 

Shares her wisdom and books-marts,

while teaching knitting classes for the elderly, 

And trying her best to ignore Ares. 


The surfer Poseidon,

Jealous of Athena’s every move, 

Surfs the waves of California, 

The sea god not only surfs,

But has a strange obsession with horses, 

And has a ranch full of them,

Currently residing in Georgia,


Hades is not too hard to find, 

Always stuck in a morgue,

And counting every dime,

A previous owner of a bank,

Found it more comfortable with the dead,

To be frank,


A forest near the morgue, 

Also has an angered park ranger,

Her presence is what always makes Hades feel in danger,

For she is the god of harvest Demeter,

And due to family issues, 

Demeter strays away from the morgue, 

By thousands of meters,



legend or not?, 

The true tales spoken and told,

Of the current twelve gods of our realm,

And dared we did look upon,

The twelve Olympians. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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