Dare To


Who dares to fight against the oppresion of ourselves?

I dare to

I dare to dream, to be more than my stereotypes, to be more than a female, a bisexual, a freak

These titles tell me to follow a strict set of patterns

I should be in the kitchen, be submissive to be female

I should be a whore, who only wants sex to be bisexual

I should be abnormal, unnoticed, unloved to be a freak

But I dare to relish in the virginity, the defiant streak, and the friends and family who make me human

We're all human, but we do not love, only judge

We see a strict set of rules, to marry in this social class, to love only people of an opposite gender, to be a girl or a boy, no lines in between

I dare to defy these rules

To be a woman who will not take any slight laying down

To be bisexual and a virgin

To be a freak and have people I love and who love me back

I dare to be not the woman who was the stereotype

But the woman who was many sides, many shapes

I dare to have feelings of my own, to have thoughts that are not shared by many and are loved by few

I dare to speak my mind

I dare to be




Your poem honestly blew me away. I love your openess, and free will with your word choice. This is spectacular!


This is amazing! 


I really loved your poem. It really can inspire someone.

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