Dannie and Violet; Symphony Of a Bittersweet Love

A shade of blue rest solemnly upon your heart
For, memories and dusty footprints follow your every step
Cobwebs fall and slip, deep below
You're not the dove that you once were

Every angel spirals down from heaven
Some take longer to remember the face of paradise
I can taste it on your lips
The Essence can be smelt through your breath

Those pages you had torn out of your forgotten notebooks
Are still screaming
The things you broke that rainy night
Are still below your bed from the last fight that happened at 10:13
They will never be touched

But for you I pray to come back in my arms
To remain in my harbor
Till shadows fall and windmills crash.
Deep within the depths of my heart, lies a fifth chamber
Thats been waiting for the likes of you
To make it beat
For you're the tempo that beckons the rhythm in my soul

My faded morning glory
My never ending story is what I'd love to call you
The winds of life can tear you down
But the Elm tree outside our apartment has other plans

The world can't wait to see us shine
Nor can I
We'll be the best they've ever seen
You'll play queen
I'll play king


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