Dancing Through Fear

Her sweet spirit, so shy to the on looking world

Exploded whenever she took the floor

She twirled and jumped before she could ever speak

And now her dreams walked out the door


Injury and rehab and injuries again and again

This isn’t what she had dreamed

Meniscus’ torn and both ACL’s are blown

No more dance, surgery – she wanted to scream!


You can come back but it’ll be really hard

It may take all of the next two years

You’re Senior year, it will still be fun

‘But it’s not what I want’ she said through her tears.


Fear was trying to dig in deep

But she wanted to dance and compete

Fear was messing with her dreams

But her friends wouldn’t let her take a seat


She was afraid to try, the pain is too much

What if she couldn’t dance like before?

But they kept encouraging and pushing

Until she finally got back on the floor


Head on she faced it with all that she had

Determined to come back better and stronger

She fought through the pain and the set backs

And told fear that it wasn’t welcome any longer


And she danced - like she had never danced before

Through her junior year and then to her senior year

An officer, an elite, a high kick champion – a conqueror

Nothing could stop her, not even fear!


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