Dancing in the Streets


Freeze and stare,

she's beautiful.

Her eyes were headlights,

lighting a glow in the late evening as the sun set in the horizon,

her skin was soft and smooth as it was metal against the cold hard pavement,

which seemed to reflect my own look of admiration.

Then, look, she capers;

dancing around in the streetlight as she swirled.

I caught a whiff of her perfume,

foul and sweet at the same time,

suffocating in the scent that engulfed me.

You would think I would pull away and gulp in fresh air,

but I simply couldn't.

I then continued past,

her feet on the ground were deafening and screechy,

her singing was loud.

It hurt my ears.

She was a 2012 lime green ferrari,

black leather and green thread on the seats.

Too bad I didn't like cars.



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