Dancing In The Sky

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 15:02 -- Ava404

I belong in the night sky

A shooting star, immune

And refusing to comply.

I dance with the moon.


The husk of the world below is no place for me,


Fog of anxiety that lays clouding their sight

No wonder you are all so willing to fight.


When did your fear take flight?

My love, wonder, it's alright.

The moonlight will shine and your mind will be free.

Just take one moment, and breathe with me.


Can’t you see? It's so easy to be lost in that dark sea.

But my sisters and brothers and all inbetween;

Your flame of passion, is a foreseen drowning.

And I stand here, having overcame the same clouding.


So, join me in the clearest of nights,

And dance swift and under the lights.

Dance with your heart because we all belong in the night sky.

Refusing to comply.

Because We are art.


We are the symphony of silence

And a story spoken in a single word.

The moon will give us guidance,

Welcome to the theater of the absurd.


And there we will dance

And there we will play

Because nothing in this world

Can take the stars away.


Our love will run deep,

As this night comes to an end,

But I hope you remember,

Breathe my dear friend.


For when the day arrives,

And challenges begin,

Know you can survive,

Until we meet again.


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