Wed, 10/09/2013 - 01:09 -- Kosi J.

The Ghost

You can see her, right?

Wrong, very few of us can

The Ghost


She’s a part of me

Shorter and fater

Outgoing and hyper

Nothing like me


Oh so very different from

Who I appear to be

Quiet and reserved,



Wrong. She’s happy

And calm, dancing away

The entire day

Like it means nothing to her


As time passes nothing changes

Who is this ghost?

Why can’t you see her?

Why can I?


She’s a part of me, I can feel her

See her, living within me

Yet so very far from me

All at the same time


Do you know her?

She is me

Dancing away the day

Time never passing


For hundreds of years

Singing in a language

Now long dead

With lyrics I can’t make out


Hip-hop or jazz?

Maybe it’s a folk dance

She does it so well

So graceful and smooth


So how can se be like that?

When she’s so short and chubby

She’s not all bones like me

She’s not like me


She’s got no outside influences

To change who she is

Her heart blooms

With no one to mock her


A part of me tucked

Safely inside

For a time when no one judges

I time I can be safe


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