The Dance of Death

The Dance of Death

Death can be the burning day,

Death can be the chilling night,



Death can be a Mocking Jay,

Sang in deadly flight or play,



Death can be a child; playful and curious,

Death can be a parent; brooding and serious,



Death can be a gentle breeze,

Then change into a stormy fight,

Death can be a pretty tease,

Than transform into an ugly blight,



Death can be a cheat, oh so bittersweet,

Death can be a crackling upstart, or be quiet and discrete,



Death can be hidden in any scene of any act, 

Death has no pact or contract,

Death has no lines or written queues,

Death’s colors can be dull, or come in vibrant hues,



Death is a card player that cannot be cheated,

Death is a gambler that cannot be outwitted,



Death can be many,

Death can be few,

So may I ask?

What is death to you?





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Our world
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