Dance with bridge

         Dance with bridge


Looks up to far blue sky,

And down to undulating river,

A boardwalk path in midair,

And an indispensable city skyline.


Across on foot in minutes,

But after long,sad construction in years,

In memories of Roche family ,

Their conviction,courage,sacrifice,

And devotion of ego,Emily Warren Roebling–

The First Dancer with the bridge,in 1883.


Tricks and legends;

Circus elephants performing parade on,

WW1 Bomber warrior Ace whizzing pass through .


Under secluded night sky,

Floodlights shimmering with strings of ,

Inexhaustible night pearls;

Phoenix reborn in fire ,

Two laser beams erecting straight into darkness,

The unyielding spirits of ,

Independence and freedom.


Don’t care about shuttled pedestrians,bicyclists,

And noisy traffic under low level plank road,

Just stand still and overlook–

Clouds,breeze,and bridge shadow‧






Wow you have presented the city look in bright poetic way, mod scenes depicted in a super cool interesting way. Kudos.


pleez do comment under my newest poem too, comments are not common here but I like meeting poets via comments.

Tom Meng

You are an energetic, imaginative poet. I like to encourage you, bud.


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