Dance Is All I Have Is that only Thing 'goingBe Their through Thick and Thinthe Only Imotions And Superstition that I Go ThroughMakes My Body Feel Warm And ComfortableMake Sure Am Fine And that I Express My FeelingsIn Another Language In Other Wordsthe Wo

Dance Is All I Have Is the only Thing that's 'going to
Be Their through Thick and Thin
the Only Imotions And Superstition that I Go Through
Makes My Body Feel Warm And Comfortable
Make Sure Am Fine And that I Express My Feelings
In Another Language In Other Words
the Words Of My Movements And My Silence
Is the Speechless Moments I Have
the Only Boy Am Married To the Only Food I Eat
the Only Water I Take A Shower With
The Only Emotions that I Would Like To Have Forever
the Only Thing I Have To Live the Only Thing One Day I Hope To Get Married To Yes I Say It I Eat,Drink And Technically Sleep Dance All these Scars Are Opened Dance Closed It For Me...Is My Life It Makes Me Smile But Yet Cry Because Of that Beautiful Feelinq I Cant Explain But Yet Makes Me Keep Going And Gives Me Strength To Keep My Head Up ,Dance Is Everything To Me.



It is so special that you can combine your love of dancing with poetry writing, because that shows how all of our passions can be connected to form who we truly are. I especially liked how you compared dancing to expressing your feelings in a different language, and this is a great poem.


I feel like I know your soul now. Trust me, that's a big compliment.

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