Dana: Story of A Madwoman


Once upon a time

I displayed a middle finger with a peace sign

I explained my mother I don't rap 

I explicitly rhyme

My lyrical essay's delivered on time

For the last time

No snow ma I just smoke dimes

On a regular basis

This game of life I move up four spaces

 I'm blowed up 

rolled up

smoked up

Just doing me

In the garbage 

my boy oscar

prefers his girl 


but she enjoys it

candles lit

with a taste of classy


Diamonds pierced on my bosom 

Lecturing on spiritual wisdom

Wearing nothing but silk black lace

Strolling downtown with my homegirl Ace

I'm blowed up 

rolled up

smoked up


In the garbage 

my boy oscar

prefers his woman


but she enjoys her life


with a deisre for all things classy

Smoking a couple trees

Eco-friendly so we hardly use paper leaf

Her man no shorter than a Gatsby

Treating her better then Ms.Daisy

We're laying in the back stupendiously lazy

La Vida Locas not as ghetto but just as racy

And I'm Ted Bundy psycho

give a portly entity  some lypo

Never take an addicts hypo

talk shit he better lie low


 I'm too scrambled

My mind fried

But my friends are doing perfectly fine

I see their posts constantly  

From the comfort of a dark apartment crying silently

We interrupt this broadcast with breaking news

"There is a madwoman on the loose"



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