Damn (Part I & II)


(Part I)

Sue me.
Take away all my earthly possessions and burn them.
Strip my liberties from me and enslave me.
Break me.
Shatter me into pieces; too many to measure.
Strike me down upon all my pressure points and all my limbs.
Paralyze me with heaving intentions unfathomable to human means.
Let God take his divine power and use it to smite me.
Shoot me.
Let the blue oceans delve into my skin and derive the bold color of red.
Pierce the skull and suck the marrow from each and every one of my bones.
With the mixture of red and yellow, drown me.
Splatter the structure of my brain onto the pavement.
Setting aside my knowledge, portray my stupidity to the public.
Let the world know that my intentions were bad and my attendance even worse.
Check my malicious deeds and abstain from my name.
For I am a cynic for only my peers to blame.
Pull the trigger and become a popular figure.
Hate me.
Detest my very soul and repudiate the memories of me.
Burn every picture and spit on my pride.
Better yet, spit on my grave.
Feel the full extent of revenge and wash away your guilt.
The factions of your life will be cleared along with your conscious when you do your way with me.
Kill me.
For the world will be a better place.
Prick me with the pangs of your distress; your discomfort.
Badger me to your heart's content.
Take advantage of every opportunity to take advantage of me.
Because I'm the worst and I deserve it.
I can't keep a straight face while scheming to lie.
I have sinned and lost my ways.
I am not a man of my word as I claim to be.
So go ahead, hate me.
I deserve it.

(Part II)

Construct me.
Give birth to the vile sight that stands in front of you.
Lead me to believe that I am worth something then demolish me.
Raze me to the ground until you see fit.
Take my passions,
Take my beliefs and foundations and trample all over them.
Lie to me.
Build me up to think that I actually have a shot,
A shot at making it; a shot at the world;
Make me want to want you and then
Stab away at my emotions.
All of my feelings, just waiting to be toyed by you.
Like I wanted it.
Like you had the authority.
Fool me into thinking that I deserve it.
Corrupt me.
Force me to purge all righteous tendencies.
Refute my ideals and belittle my existence.
Let me know I'm a failure.
Control me.
Command me with your temptations.
Entice me with a "carrot on a stick."
Promise to always be there, then leave.
Play the victim and gain the flawed support that appeases your sick pleasures.
Sedate me.
Slip into my life as quickly and quietly as a dream,
Then crash down on my perfect world in the most flashy fashion.
Feed yourself the satisfaction of holding my life in the palm of your hand.
Embarrass me.
In front of you, your friends, my friends, my peers.
Set me up to incriminate myself and
Watch me annihilate myself.
It's not the fact that you do these things to me,
What destroys me is the fact that I allow it.
Just because I rather have myself die by your hand,
Than watch you entertain yourself with another.
At least I'll serve a purpose in your life.
At least I will BE in your life.
Because I love you.
I love you.



Wow this is amazing! 


So this is really good. Really really really good. Kind of amazing. Great job!


wow..... just.....woah.......

never have I read a poem that really reached me

good luck in the to be heard slam :)

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