Damn the Cold, for the Frigid Hope


I feel this way so often. I want to write books, but I can't. I don't know how to word it.
I love you. I miss you. I need you so badly.
I feel your breath on my lips, warm as your skin touches mine i shutter. A shutter followed by a greater calm in this newfound warmth, i see your bright smiling face, possibly with a look of equal astonishment and i hold on. Oh don't let me forget this moment, do not let this moment pass as just any other. It is any moment i am with you that is a defining moment with you. I close my eyes and believe there is a kiss for gods sake let me feel it. Let me remember how it feels, how she may shutter as well. I open them back up to the frigid cold. Damn the cold. Damn how it swallows up the joy in every drop of sunlight, damn it for freezing the pain, and holding it in place for too long. The numbing pain lasting weeks and weeks. My imagination got the better of my body and now the cold had made me regret the warmth i once felt. Damn the cold.



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