Damaged by the System

This is the life of a young child damaged by the system

where they will stop at nothing to see you in the prison

they hate to see you living, they want to limit your wisdom

take away your vision and blind you from your religion

tell you that black is hate, so now your color is missing

deny you of your fate and force you into submission

but wait! listen, what is the color of light, right before it hit the prism

what is the color of white without black to be in

we are all inferior human beings

until we learn exterior is just the surface of seeing

ever since birth, we've been disabled by Kane so the earths a evil place to be in

cursed, forever in this bad dream

nothing now 'a days is what it seems

that why I want to be king, and reign supreme

tell them about their scene, and tell them that they sin

your sight have to keen in order to look within

I'm telling you how to win, how to touch the rim

never stop, pouring in all you've got until the waters over brim

and do it for him

never could I take the glory, I'll take the gold

the story of a warrior untold

but watch as it unfold, like magazines

I'm letting it unload, then reload this machine

I'll show you why I should be king

any second, regardless of my complexion

black yellow or white

this is the life of a young child damaged by the system





Damn son, you killed it fool. Damaged.. by the system. Almost had me in tears.

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