From Damaged Goods

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 12:03 -- jbl2468

Dear Past love,

You broke me

you left me 

you told me what I wanted to hear

you lead me on 

and now all I know is a lie

Everything is dark

I am damaged Goods


Dear Love

Im sorry you can't touch there 

Im sorry the wounds and scars are fresh

Im sorry I cover up the past 

Im sorry you cant come in 

Im sorry you can see my scars

Im sorry I cant give you my heart 

its fragile 

Im petrified it will break

Im sorry I push you away 


My Past love,

So you think Im fine because you dont see my scars

I wish I could show you what you did 

but if I showed you 

you would laugh at my pain 

you would know the power you had over me 

I cant allow that 

For once in my life after you 

Im happy 

I maybe damaged but Im not broken 

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