You know I'm inside here don't you Inside this thing we call a bodyWhy do you call me stupid ?Why do I deserve this ?I don't belong here in this group,this click,this prison Ohhh! Let me out of this mental straight jacket I'm going to my place  My place where I rock in the corner where my arms lose blood flowMy corner brings me comfort even though its cold and damp it gave me more warm when no one could. In my bolt locked room there is only the sound of my cold crisp breath.My voice is dead from my shrinks and cries.My body is scarred, bruised, cutfrom the attempts of trying to beat down the door. I'm I supposed to here?The only thing keeping me sane is my thoughts.The thoughts of a far away place filled with promise and hopewhere someone loves me and cares about me.So let this rain true   I'm out of the closet and you can no longer hold me backMy cuts are open but they'll heal You haven't won my life I'm not a prize you can cram in a trophy case.I may be damaged but, not broken. 


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