Dainty Lions and Cattails

Molasses tentacles surround your neck, as your scream floods in bubbles, and tears cease to pierce your eyes. A long darkness is painted, your eyes locked on mine, hoping I will save you… You wake up, on the needles in a barn; rubbing the sleep from your eyes you see an owl blink, watching you from its perch. You are swearing, swearing to never lose him. Not again. Listen to the roar inside your head; a lion’s spirit paces, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. His paws padding right beside that covered corner only meant for him. She dances along the shores, wearing your favorite floral sundress. Her skirts hitched high above her knees, waves sparkling as she smiles, but, as her smile fades, your life seems to dwindle. Light shines, slowly dimming to a pinprick, seeping farther, farther, farther, eclipsing through a cave in the distance. You left her there, waiting, but she will never leave you, even as you pull the vines that bind you. Drag them away from your wrists, and they will return with stronger purpose, to bind you to her heart.


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